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Schedule of Fines
Traffic Offenses that Do Not Require a Court Appearance
View a list of violations with the associated fine and court costs for each violation.

Traffic Offenses that Require A Court Appearance
Violation Fine Amount Plus Court Costs
Driving while license suspended / revoked / canceled Up to $500 fine plus $210 court costs
Passing school or church bus Up to $500 fine plus $160 court costs
Reckless driving Up to$500 fine plus $160 court costs
Valid registration required Not less than $100 fine plus $160 court costs

Note: If you were involved in an automobile accident or If you were charged with an offense and you do not see it listed, you must appear in court on your court date. Your court date will be listed on your citation. If you are unsure of when your court date is, please contact the court office at 205-444-7526.