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Sewer Credits
Sewer Credits for Sprinkler Usage
If your residence is located in Southlake, Riverchase, Inverness, Mill Springs or Caldwell Crossings and you have a separately metered automatic sprinkler system, we can issue a sewer credit for sprinkler usage. You may contact us at 205-444-7523 or email us for meter reading forms.

If you are located in other areas of Hoover you should contact Jefferson County Sewer at 205-325-5138, Shelby County Sewer (Southwest Water) at 205-444-3657 or Birmingham Water Works at 205-244-4000 to inquire about a credit.

Once you have a meter reading form, you read your meter yourself (it's important to note on the form if your meter reads in gallons or cubic feet) and email or return the form to:
Hoover Building Inspections
2020 Valleydale Rd.
Suite 103
Hoover, AL 35244

Submitting Readings
You can submit readings two or three times each year depending on your usage. You should submit a reading at least once a year. Once the form is received, the credit is processed and posted to your Birmingham Water Works account.

Water Leaks
You may also request a sewer credit for a leak. You must submit a copy of your invoice from the company who made the repairs or the receipts where you purchased items to make the repairs yourself. Also submit a copy of the Birmingham Water Works bill that reflects the charges resulting from the leak.

This information should be mailed to
Hoover Building Inspections
2020 Valleydale Rd.
Suite 103
Hoover, AL 35244

Please email us with any questions.

Building Inspections
Sewer Credit Information
2020 Valleydale Rd.
Ste 103
Hoover, AL 35244

Ph: 205-444-7523

Jefferson County


Shelby County Sewer (Southwest Water)


Birmingham Water Works
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Ph: 205-244-4000