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Hoover Memorial Trees
The Hoover Memorial Trees Program was established in 1999, for local residents, businesses, and organizations interested in planting a tree in memory, or in honor of a loved one. While this program remains small, it has been very meaningful to the people who have participated in it. The program is designed to aid in preserving fond memories of past family and friends, to honor special individuals, and to assist in the reforestation of the city.

The city's Urban Forestry Division, with approval from the city's Parks and Recreation Department, will plant and individually maintain native species of trees at designated city parks and facilities. Individual requests for tree locations and species will be accommodated as much as possible, and will hopefully compliment the city's goal of planting the right tree in the right location.

A Hoover Memorial Trees tree can be identified by a small, yellow, plastic tag hanging on one of its lower branches. These tags display information about the tree itself and the individual for whom it was planted. The following administrative guidelines have been established to assist any individuals interested in participating in this program.

More Information
For more information about Hoover Memorial Trees, write to the address below or call the city forester at 205-739-7141.

Administrative Guidelines
  • A one-time, tax-deductible contribution of $150 is required to purchase and plant one 4- to 6-foot tall tree and when necessary, one replacement tree of equal size. This cost also includes all maintenance, identification tags, mulch, and fertilizer. Lesser donations are accepted and can be used to supplement various plantings and program needs.
  • Upon receiving a completed request form and contribution, the city's Urban Forestry Division will select, purchase and plant a tree. Trees will only be planted during the months of October through March.
  • An acknowledgment will be mailed to the family of the deceased or of the individual being honored and a certificate will be mailed to the individual(s) responsible for the contribution. For group contributions, please specify one individual or group to receive a certificate.
  • A Hoover Memorial Trees Register is currently be compiled and will eventually be displayed at a Hoover Municipal Building. The register will list the names of individuals for which a tree has been planted, the tree location, tree species, date of planting, and the name of the individual or group responsible for each contribution.
  • All trees will be individually maintained by the city's Urban Forestry Division.

Anyone interested in participating in the Hoover Memorial Trees may do so by sending a check or money order and a completed Hoover Memorial Trees Planting Request Form to:
Hoover Memorial Trees
Attention: City Forester
2020 Valleydale Road, Suite E-100
Hoover, AL 35244