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What are the responsibilities associated with being a Hoover Belle?
Each Belle is responsible for the cost of her own antebellum dress and accessories. A two-year term fee of $230.00 is required for all incoming Belles and is due the night of orientation. During her time of service, each Belle will be required to continue to be a resident of the City of Hoover; be continuously enrolled in school; maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5; and participate in a minimum of thirty (30) hours of community service through the Hoover Belle program during her two-year term. A certificate will be issued at the completion of her term of service.

Should a Belle fail to complete a minimum of thirty hours of community service or fail to participate appropriately, a letter of notification will be sent to her parent/guardian stating she may be ineligible to receive the Certificate and/or the Senior Gift and she may not be included in any farewell plans.

All Belles (juniors and seniors) are required to attend (and wear name tag to) a Back-to-School function, normally held on the first Sunday in August following the beginning of the new school year. Invitations will be mailed with time and location.

In addition, each Hoover Belle will be required to sign and honor the Hoover Belle Pledge, as follows. Conduct outside of this standard will be reviewed by the Hoover Belle Committee and may be deemed as cause for dismissal from the Hoover Belles. The purpose of the Hoover Belle Pledge is not to restrict parents’ authority but to insure Hoover Belles are not involved in inappropriate, underage activities.

Hoover Belles

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2. What are the responsibilities associated with being a Hoover Belle?
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