Hoover New Horizons

Seniors Staying Involved with Life

Current Board Members

Helen Tankersley- President
Darlene Lawrence- Vice President
Tom Brown- Treasurer
Joyce Cattelane- Secretary 
David Byrd
Joan Chambers
Dana Mason
Gene Powell
Win Powell
Tillie Powers
Ginger Prisoc-Schweitzer
Odessa Usher


Sponsorship of the New Horizons by the Hoover Parks and Recreation Department was granted in 1986. An Advisory Board was created to oversee the activities of the new senior organization and to stimulate participation and inform the membership of all activities and meetings.

The Hoover New Horizons is a young organization whose membership has a long history of vision coupled with the energy to dream new dreams, see new possibilities and to achieve them substantially.
In 1998, New Horizons and the City bought a 30 passenger bus for use in a variety of trips. The City also furnishes our automobiles and New Horizons furnishes about 14 volunteer drivers to seniors in need of transportation to medical appointments, beauty parlors, grocery stores among other places. Typically, this involves the picking up and return of over 700 participants per year.

Over the years our group has participated in and hosted a couple of State Masters Games. Some of our members have been to National Masters Games. We’ve had participation in and a winner in Ms. Senior Jefferson County contests.

In 2002, a joint venture between the Jefferson County Office of Senior Citizens and the City of Hoover opened a Nutrition Program for seniors.

In 2005, a building was identified to house the new Senior Center. Money was committed for the project as New Horizons pledged to match the first $40,000 raised. Ground breaking was in April 2006 and the new Senior Center opened in 2007. Since that date, the membership has continued to grow rapidly while enhancing the lives of senior citizens in Hoover and surrounding communities.