Urban Forestry

What is Urban Forestry?

The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council defines urban forestry as the art, science and technology of managing trees, forests and natural systems in and around urban areas for the health and well-being of communities.

The City of Hoover realizes the benefits of trees and is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and sustainable urban forest infrastructure. Through the preservation of existing forested land, planting and replacement of trees, hazard tree mitigation, educational and various other tree-related programs, Hoover strives to preserve, create and maintain a quality environment for its residents, businesses and visitors.

History of Urban Forestry in Hoover

The concept of Urban Forestry continues to grow in Hoover. In 1996, the city adopted its Tree Conservation Ordinance and has since hired a Landscape Architect, a Forester and a Horticulturist to oversee urban forest management. In 1999, the city implemented the Hoover Memorial Trees Program, giving residents the opportunity to remember and/or honor friends and loved ones through the planting of trees. In 2000, the city gave official park designation to the original 250 acres of the increasingly popular, now 349-acre Moss Rock Preserve. (Additional acreage was added to the park in 2012.)

In 2003, the city adopted Ordinance #03-1973 further protecting the park. Also in 2003, the city began renovation of four, historic glass greenhouses located on the Spain Park property. The renovation of three of those houses is now complete and the houses remain full of growing plant material. The Hoover Beautification Board continues to be active in various programs such as Arbor Day, the 'Keep Hoover Beautiful' grant program, and the Hoover Commercial Beautification Awards which is conducted every two years.

In 2005, the city revealed plans to develop an 82-acre recreational park on Valleydale Road, now known as Veterans Park. In 2017, Hoover was awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation for the 18th consecutive year. The city is also proud to provide a home and continued support for Aldridge Gardens.