Future Hoover

Parks & Public Spaces Plan (2023 / 2024)

The Hoover Parks & Public Spaces Plan will help shape the future of recreation in Hoover for the next generation!

Parks, Public Spaces + Recreation Plan


For more information, please contact Mindy Wyatt - mindy.wyatt@hooveralabama.gov  or Jordan Yarbrough - jordan.yarbrough@hooveralabama.gov .

City-wide Comprehensive Plan Documents (2019 / 2020)

The City of Hoover undertook a City-wide comprehensive planning effort in 2019. This document is used to help guide discussions around Planning and Economic Development. Links to the plan are below, and more details are included on the plan page.

Comprehensive Plan (Adopted 07-2019) (Amended 12-2020)
Bike & Pedestrian Plan (Adopted 07-2019)